John J. Henry


Behinds the scenes with the inventor

John J. Henry 

President and CEO, Innervision by Henry


“I’m an avid motorcycle rider. Some years ago, a motorcycle accident occurred right in front of me. I will never shake the memory of that accident; it inspired me to continue the development work on my new safety product which at the time I thought was just a cool thing to do.  In my 35+ years of riding I have learned that there is never a shortage of egos around motorcycles. The only thing usually missing is common sense and safety.  As I recall the specifics of this accident,  I remember it was a hot day, the sun was going down and the temperature was cooling off. Perfect for big bore motorcycles that live for cooler air. I was riding on the highway and saw two other motorcyclists challenge each other to a drag race. One man was riding a new bike. The other straddled an older model bike (still very powerful). The newer bike pulled ahead like it was nothing. Thinking it was over, the guy ahead let go of the throttle and began to slow down. The man on the older motorcycle couldn’t tell that the bike in front of him was decelerating. Thinking he was catching up, he shot forward and rammed straight into the back of the other rider. Both of the riders survived but it was a nasty crash that shook me to the core. I carried the memory of that incident with me for weeks. I was certain that if only the bike in front had been able to indicate to the second bike that he was decelerating, the accident could have been avoided and I knew just what needed to be done.”

Innervision by Henry, Inc. was created by John J. Henry and became his full-time enterprise in 2000. John received his first patent for safety devices for recreational and sports vehicles and their drivers.  John’s second patent was granted which more than expands on the first one. The Heads-Up Braking system (HUB system), the first product released, is but one example of his creativity and innovation. He has been granted three US patents and has other patents that are pending.

Prior to founding Innervision, John served in the US Army, spending nearly two years in Germany. He earned his certification in Radio Teletype Communications at Fort Gordon Signal School. John’s army experience has helped him identify skills and interests that have shaped his career and cultivated his talents. 

John also graduated from Control Data Institute in Electronics and started working right away for Control Data Corporation as an Electronics Technician before starting his college career at the University of Minnesota. 

After completing his Bachelor’s degree and later his Master's degree at the University of Minnesota, he went to work for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, Bristol Meyers Squibb.  John became one of their top neuroscience pharmaceutical reps.  

Innervision by Henry Inc. is the result of John’s creative application of technology to address critical safety issues beyond just vehicles. He has developed a technology that supports over eighty different products across various industries throughout the world. 

“When safety matters, technology counts.  Remember, the HUB System is way more than a brake light™. ”