The Heads Up Braking System

Product Description


The Heads Up Braking system (HUB) uses our exclusive patented “Kelatronic™ technology” and is all about choices. In other words, the HUB system can indicate your intention of decelerating and/or braking in three different ways; helmet light, Factory Brake light or both at the same time.


The HUB system is designed to be activated by the brake system on the motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV as well as on deceleration. However, the HUB system’s deceleration feature through the factory brake light wiring is automatically over ridden by the Kelatronic system when the brake is activated but will continue to transmit a wireless (RF or other transmissions) signal to the helmet light as long as the brakes are applied. 

The Heads Up Braking system is “way more than a brake light™”. Here are some examples of some additional patented features found exclusively on the Heads-Up Braking System: 

  • Two different low battery warnings (one each for the transmitter and the receiver) 
  •  Proximity warning (when rider or passenger is away from the bike the helmet light comes on automatically) 
  • Ability to move the HUB light from one helmet to another easily
  • The HUB light has an emergency flasher mode
  • Automatic self-checking system
  • Beeper system (so you know when the system activates - yes, you can put it on silent too)
  • Sleep mode to save on battery usage
  • Automatic night time dimming (the LEDs don't need to be max bright at night)
  • Trailer mode (when the transmitter is hard-wired to brake wiring of the motorcycle the factory brake light becomes the elevated third brake light for the trailer)

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The Receiver


The Heads Up Braking System (HUB) is an elevated wireless brake light system that is designed to be attached to the back of the users helmet and runs on two AAA batteries.  

The receiver is attached to the helmet via a bracket (included).  The bracket attaches via double-sided tape that will not impact the integrity of the helmet nor violate the warranty

The Transmitter


The transmitter runs on two AA batteries or can be wired directly to the brake light wiring of the bike (your choice). 

When activated, the transmitter sends both a wireless signal to the Helmet light and it sends a signal through the factory brake wiring (when hard-wired) on deceleration to flash the factory brake light(s). This patented feature does not require manual activation of the brakes. 

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