Message from President, Founder and Inventor John J. Henry

Please allow me to give a personal overview of what the Heads-Up Braking System™ is all about.

What does the HUB System™ do? The HUB System™ can be thought of in terms like a third brake light that you have on your car/truck. However, it’s so much more than that.

Let’s start with the basics. Once installed correctly, the HUB System™ will provide much more warning to other drivers that you are in fact stopping. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduced 3rd brake light regulation based on 3 highly successful tests of the lamps that showed a reduction of rear-impact crashes of up to 54%. That however is where the similarity between the third brake light on your car/truck ends. The HUB System™ is the most advanced wireless braking system ever devised to date and nothing comes close to it. It was designed to give you years of reliable service.

To put that in perspective, the HUB System™ was awarded two U.S. patents and was developed and tested over a course of twelve years. It has more than ten times the technology that was used in the Apollo 11 U.S. spacecraft that landed on the moon. Make no mistake about it, the Heads-Up Braking System™ is not a toy but a very sophisticated piece of electronic equipment that is packed with advanced technology that can save your life. The firmware and computer systems on the HUB is equal to or more technologically advanced than any Motorcycle, Snowmobile or ATV you will ever use it on.

So what is the HUB System™ and what makes it so powerful? The answer is simple, Kelatronic™ (KEL™). The KEL™ system was developed by me and a team of talented like-minded engineers with the single goal of adding more safety to your riding experience.

Thanks to KEL™, the HUB System™  can not only warn others that you are stopping, it also gives an advanced warning if you are slowing down without actually applying the brakes. This patented technology is found exclusively on the Heads-Up Braking System™. There are so many features on the HUB System™, most of which are done for you automatically by KEL™. For a more detailed explanation of all your features, please see the Products page.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the HUB System™. When Safety Matters, Technology Counts™.

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