Random Acts of Kindness

By John J Henry on October 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Julie and I took a trip to Iowa on the Big Blue Beast (our Honda Gold Wing). Needless to say the Heads Up Braking system worked absolutely perfectly and I’m very proud of that. Funny thing with that is in 9 months of constant use this is the first time the batteries got low on the light. The warning is a grouping of long and short buzzes to let you know to check and/or change your batteries.

The reason that’s funny to me is I invented the HUB system and I put the low battery warning feature in it. So I hear this slow buzzing sound and I said, “what the heck is that and where is it coming from?” And of course, my wife Julie couldn’t wait to tell me, “it’s the low battery warning you put in your HUB system dear!” Without fail I turned off her intercom without saying a word. Note to self …on long trips check the batteries please.  Women… You can’t ride off and leave them but, you can unplug the intercom!

We were heading to Iowa so Julie could see and spend some time with her mother. Another couple (Tom and Faye) road their Gold Wing with us to the Minnesota/Iowa border. It was great having them along as it made the ride seem so much shorter. For me going to Iowa is a little like stepping back in time to some extent where people seem to me to be far more trusting and far more open.

As an example… I wanted to play golf while I was there so Julie could have some private time with her mother (wink wink). Obviously I had no room on my gold wing for my clubs so I rented a full set. With the exception of the driver (a new Ping G30) these clubs were not name brand and truthfully not that important to me. That said they played great but to my point, the golf pro said to me after setting me up with the set “We’ll be closed when you finish up your round, John, so set the clubs outside somewhere when you’re done”. To which I replied “What?”  “It’s ok, just enjoy yourself.” I didn’t know this gentlemen from Adam and he surely didn’t know me. But, a funny thing happens with that kind of trust, I wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen to those clubs. I was so impressed with that one act of trust that when I was done I even cleaned off the clubs, secured the key to the golf cart in the bag, left a voice message at the club house the following morning of where everything was, followed up with a phone call as soon as they opened and Julie and I stopped in on our way out of town that morning just to say thanks for the kindness.

Random acts of kindness and trust like this isn’t something I see very often and it feels pretty good.2015-09-26 13.08.26

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