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  • 24 September 2015

    First Thursday!

    2015-09-03 19.26.482015-09-03 19.06.502015-09-03 18.51.342015-09-03 19.15.162015-09-03 19.12.422015-09-03 19.14.07 - Copy - Copy 2015-09-03 19.13.35 HUB System at restWow! What a great time we had at First Thursday in the Uptown Minneapolis area. There were way over 1000 bikes there. From Vespas to motorcross bikes to sport bikes to big hogs, they were everywhere. Check out the pictures! My wife Julie and I ran into some old friends we hadn’t seen in a while and met a number of new people too. It was really cool when we first pulled in to the parking area space and three guys ran over to ask about the HUB System on our helmets. All we kept hearing from them was ‘wow, what a great idea’ and ‘that’s amazing’. Good thing I carry a bunch of business cards with the website on it so they can read more about it and spread the word to all their friends. If you haven’t taken a look at the hub system yet, have a look at it, it’s pretty cool.   Here’s hoping the weather continues to stay nice so we can get a lot more riding in yet this fall.  Happy riding! #FirstThursdayMotorcycles #MotorcycleSafety

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